Mar 16, 2021


Hello Everyone,This is my fourth valid bug that i have found on Facebook.This bug is about the voice confusion when commenting on watch party using iOS device.

Reproduction Steps

1.Page A is Hosting Watch Party.
2.User B visits Page A and Switch the voice as Page B(acting as Page B).
3.User B as Page B opens watch party hosted by Page A.
4.User B as Page B makes the comment but surprisingly comment is attributed as User B instead of Page B.

Then i quickly report this issue to Facebook Security Team.
Once i reported this issue they were able to validate this issue and finally rewarded me with bounty

Message From Facebook Security Team

Timeline of Report

October 22, 2020:Initial Report Sent

January 21, 2021:Triaged(after several discussion)

January 28, 2021:Fixed

February 1, 2021:Bounty Awarded($1000)

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